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One black and white cat multiplies into
many cats and a caption reads - Spay or Neuter Your Cats




To the veterinarians and volunteers who run the clinics without you we wouldn't exist.

Atlantic Animal Hospital - Coordinator:  Rickie Miller  

Capeside Animal Hospital (both Sunday and weekday) - Clinic coordinators: Rickie Miller, Nancy Lent, JoE. Needham, Deb O'Neil & Celia Jones

Cape Fear Spay/Neuter Clinic  - Clinic coordinator:  JoE. Needham

Fix A Friend Spay/Neuter Clinic - Clinic coordinator:  JoE. Needham

Needham Animal Hospital - Clinic coordinator:  Rickie Miller

Pleasure Island Animal Hospital - Clinic coordinator:  JoE. Needham

Port City Animal Hospital - Coordinators:  Rickie Miller, Nancy Lent, JoE. Needham & Celia Jones

To Rickie Miller & Deb O'Neil for doing all the callbacks.

To Cindy Meyers of Dock Street Printing - thank you for all of your support.

To Diane Pour and Kelly Wall of PawPrints Magazine.

To the newsletter editor Sharon Harmon.

To Mandy Weber for taking on the Facebook Page

Will and Sandy Scott for pick-up and delivery of food from Food Lion Surplus Warehouse in Winston-Salem.

To Lou's Flower Patch   www.lousflowerpatch.com

To Kay Smith at C-scape Lawn Care

And all the trappers and caregivers

And most of all to our generous supporters - your donations keep us going.

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Chris Batts   (Needham Animal Hospital)

Ked Cottrell  (Pleasure Island Animal Hospital)

Stephanie Crow  (Needham Animal Hospital)

Sheila Hanby  (Capeside Animal Hospital)

Heather Jones  (Needham Animal Hospital)

Audrey Mizrahi  (Cape Fear Spay/Neuter Clinic)

Chris Coble  (Port City Animal Hospital)

Danielle Moore  (Port City Animal Hospital)

Don Kettlecamp (Port City Animal Hospital)

Michele Rohrer (Atlantic Animal Hospital)

Laurie Parish (Atlantic Animal Hospital)

Karessa Schaffer (Atlantic Animal Hospital)

Kara Duffy (Atlantic Animal Hospital)

Amy Eutsey (Fix A Friend Spay Neuter Clinic)

We would like to make a Special Thank you to the UNCW Pre-Vet students who help us each and every clinic.  We couldn't do it without you.