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One black and white cat multiplies into
many cats and a caption reads - Spay or Neuter Your Cats

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Spay/Neuter Your Pets


Spring is the season when all animal rescue organizations are inundated with hundreds of unspayed and neutered domestic animals and their offspring who have been abandoned by indifferent owners.  They end up tossed in dumpsters, ditches and cardboard boxes.  They are tied to trees or left wandering the streets attempting to fend for themselves.  They become road kill, die of diseases and malnutrition, revert to feral status, or find their way to a rescue facility.  Unless this facility is no kill, chances are good euthanasia will be the end of their short lives.

For those who care, the task is overwhelming,  The animals must be housed, nourished, madicated and altered, not to mention loved and trained.  All of this work requires time, money and lots of love.  For the foster parent the search for a permanent home for these animals can prove a long and heartbreaking one.  There are more animals than there are good homes to take them in.  In New Hanover County last year, 1172 cats and 741 dogs were euthanized, half of those because they could not find a loving home.

As a caring and enlightened society we cannot allow this to continue.  The solution is simple, spay/neuter your animal.  There are low cost spay/nueter facilities and a number of veterinarians who will work with you on cost.  There is no longer an excuse not to "do the right thing".

In the words of Saint Francis of Assisi: "We are all creatures of God.  If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from his shelter of compassion and pity, you have men who will deal likewise with their fellow man".

Please help reduce the number of unwanted kittens and puppies this year.  Make the appointment to spay or neuter your pet today.



Please help us raise  money by sending your tax-deductible donation to:
Friends of Felines.

Every penny collected is pledged to help feral cats of New Hanover County. Donations can be mailed to:
Friends of Felines
P.O. Box 475
Castle Hayne, NC 28429

People, whether knowingly or not, have created the problem of feral cat overpopulation by abandoning unaltered pets to breed unchecked. Caring, humane people like you can alleviate their suffering. Help us, please. Feral cats are running out of time and we are running out of funds to save them. They are looking to you to help rescue them and give them a future in safety and peace.

Be Their Hope.

For more information, visit www.friendsofelines.org or email us at: 







To some, the mere mention of kitten season brings up images of adorable fluffy kittens playing, jumping and wrestling. To animal shelter workers everywhere it has an entirely different meaning. Kitten season is the beginning of a nightmare- countless numbers of kittens coming through their front doors with not enough homes. It means mass euthanasia with no end in sight, until December, when there might be a two-month reprieve from the onslaught.

Cats are very prolific creatures. In our part of the country a cat can have 2-3 litters a year with an average of 4-5 kittens. Multiply that by the number of strays, ferals and cats with irresponsible owners and you have an astounding number.

White cat looking over its shoulder.

Unfortunately, media resources like this do not help to educate irresponsible pet owners as lost will never visit this website. As a result, it is up to us to spread the word on the importance of spaying and neutering. So speak out, let them know. Do not allow pet owners to remain uninformed.

Kittens are cute, but killing kittens because there are too many is not. It's sad that springtime, a season for new beginnings, is the beginning of the end for millions of unwanted animals that should have never been born.



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Picture of Cat



Emergency Foster Homes Needed!!

Friends of Felines is assisting local cat rescue groups with an
IMMEDIATE need for cat and kitten foster homes. Due to a
situation in the New Hanover County, dozens of cats have been
removed from the hands of a hoarder.

According to the Mayo Clinic website: Hoarding is the excessive
collection of items. Some people collect animals, keeping hun-
dreds of dogs, cats or other animals in their homes, as filth and
waste pile up and the animals become sick. People who engage
in hoarding put themselves and even neighbors in danger be-
cause of fire hazards, unsanitary conditions possibility of getting
buried under an avalanche of junk. Treating compulsive hoard-
ing sometimes proves difficult because people who hoard often
don't see it as a problem.

People who hoard animals may collect dozens or even hundreds
of pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, birds, or other ani-
mals. They usually hoard animals that can be confined inside
and concealed more easily. Because of their sheer numbers,
these animals are not usually well cared for. Many become so ill
they die or have to be euthanized if discovered. Veterinarians
may be the first to notice signs of hoarding when the owner
seeks help for a stead stream of sick or injured pets.
If you can offer to foster one or more of these cats and
kittens until they are re-homed, please email us at:


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